Don Castello Pizzeria
Bars and tapas
C. Alfonso XII, 6, 13250 Daimiel, Ciudad Real, Spain How to get there?
Pizzas made in the traditional way since 1987

Located in the centre of Daimiel next to the Parish Church of San Pedro.

We have an extensive menu with a wide variety of products: Pizzas, Hamburgers, Sandwiches, Baguettes, Combined Dishes, Salads, Portions and Homemade Desserts.

All our dishes are prepared with fresh products in a traditional way.

Pizzeria Don Castello is the perfect place to enjoy a pleasant and tasty meal with family, friends and friends.

We also adapt very well to your pocket with very cheap prices, from 3€.

You will leave Daimiel with a good taste in your mouth, and with the desire to repeat!

Tourist business association. We work for a quality, sustainable, responsible and profitable tourism in Daimiel.

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