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Daimiel is a town that traces its origins back to the Bronze Age,as is attested by the archaeological site of the Motilla del Azuer.


The real socio-economic development began in the 15th century, the result of which was the building of the church of Santa María la Mayor, with Gothic style.


Nowadays, when strolling through the streets of Daimiel we can admire different examples of architecture dating back several centuries and reflecting different architectural styles. 


Another place worth discovering is the Navaseca Lagoon, located a few kilometres from the town centre, it has become a refuge for fauna in the most difficult times for the National Park.


But undoubtedly Daimiel is known for the Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park, one of the sixteen national parks declared in Spain because it is a characteristic ecosystem of La Mancha, known as the "tablas fluviales". Its formation is due to the overflowing of the Guadiana and Gigüela rivers in their middle stretches, favoured by the lack of slope in the terrain. 

The history

From the remains found in both Iberian and Roman settlements, we can affirm that this land was populated throughout the Ancient Ages. 

The origin

Late Middle Ages and the Modern Era

Contemporary Era

At the present time

Places of interest

We advise you to visit a number of sites of tourist interest in the area.

Santa María La Mayor Church

San Pedro Apóstol Church

Water Centre and Wetlands

Daimiel Regional Museum

Motilla del Azuer

Navaseca Lagoon

The festivals

We advise you to visit a number of sites of tourist interest in the area.

Holy Week


The Pilgrimage of the Virgin of the Crosses

Fair and Festivities

Tourist Office

In Daimiel there are two Tourist Offices (Daimiel locality and National Park).

Tourist Office: C/ Santa Teresa, s/n, 13250.
Telephone: 926 260 639

Tourist business association. We work for a quality, sustainable, responsible and profitable tourism in Daimiel.

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