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The Tablas de Daimiel Tourist Association is a business association made up of tourist establishments committed to quality, sustainability and responsible tourism.


Since our foundation in 2010 we work to promote and consolidate the quality of tourism in our destination, hence Daimiel has enjoyed the seal 'Commitment to Quality Tourism in Destination'.


We work to promote ecotourism, we are members of the Spanish Ecotourism Association (, which is why we are concerned about incorporating the seal of Tourism Sustainability in the Natura 2000 Network, a guarantee of this sustainability and tourism responsibility.


We try to deseasonalise our tourism, so we organise events such as the 'Daimiel, Pueblo de Brujas' Weekend, or the tapas routes that are organised on different weekends throughout the year.


We are valid interlocutors for the City Council of Daimiel, as members of the Municipal Council of Tourism, and for the Tablas de Daimiel National Park as guests of the National Park's Board of Trustees.


We fight with words and in a calm manner to show the water problems that our National Park is facing, and to demand that the known, agreed and existing solutions be implemented.


We work for the tourism of Daimiel.

Tourist business association. We work for a quality, sustainable, responsible and profitable tourism in Daimiel.

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Beneficiary: Tablas de Daimiel Tourist Association
Actions: Informative web page about the values of the National Park and the tourist services of Daimiel.
Action financed under the Programme of Subsidies in the areas of socio-economic influence of National Parks.